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 This world is a confusing place to live in. it is filled of everything and person like who wanna get deep into its soul probably found themselves wrong in many places and sometime I really wonder who I am ? Am I right? Am I not overflowing or am I? It is too hard to tell what is right and what is wrong, we all have different priorities and thinking and moreover it’s our life. So that’s why social norms and laws were made but let me tell you it’s not applicable to all and it is very beneficial for some  told you confusing!  It is really difficult to figure out what is right and what is wrong? And realizing all these things I came to know that perfect don’t exists not in the universe even. we can’t figure out one thing and provide a conclusion which is favorable to all it just don’t exist so why don’t we respect others opinions and ideologies which come from long time of self realization and which is according to the law of nature. It is the truth we can’t deny it. And you know what, we should have someone superior to us otherwise we all be just unstoppable on our way to destruction.  We all are different and we should be proud of it and respecting the differences is must. All of us living in this planet have very different and vital functions of our own which have a great worth in our life and may be small or big impact on the world. So we all collectively make this wonderful and humble abode to live in , to flourish then why all these hatred wars exists it is just out of my reach. Nowadays we are under the threat of 3rd world war kind of situation. Everything is just going wrong on every kind of aspect- say it morality, humanity, environment, power. We human being is just kind of losing control to everything around because of our constant nuisance and mistake of breaking our limits- the limits decided by our very existence – the mother nature it has provided the boundaries to the mighty rivers then who we are? It doesn’t mean to underestimate yourself, just know your limits and act accordingly.

In my sight there is only one solution to lead a good life in this cruel world out there is the path of positivity and faith. These are the things which will make us humble and good and once we are going to realize our true destiny in this world and the beauty about it than all these things will have no meaning. At that time we will be going to realise that everything is false just one thing is true.

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Simran Rana

A young aspiring lady , sharing knowledge from different sectors of society, which she observes in her daily life and moulds them in a way to give her viewers a better understanding of the difficult. She is a bio student by profession , continuing her under graduation and looking up to contribute to the society as much as she can.

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