The Granted

We all have relations, our mom and dad, our friends, our beasties and there are many of them and most of the time we take them as granted; we place ourselves first or I would say at a superior level, most of the time. My priorities, my needs, my thoughts, my perception, my way , my respect or ego ignoring all other major factors constituting our lives. Sometimes we just ignore the fact that we on this earth are not everything. There are more superior and wise powers in the universe and superior persons too. Some of you will not agree with me but I think we all will agree that we all learn from experiences and history is full of it.

In our past, it was believed for many years that we are at the center of solar system and all planets including the earth revolve around us and see the coinky dinky here sun revolves earth at 3rd position but now we know that it is the sun whom we revolve around, on whom we are dependent for energy, food, warmth, the life and we all have someone who is at the place of sun in our life and mostly it is our parents and the biggest example of the people whom we take as granted are them. The mother burns her whole life serving us without complaining about it, just to light our live with brightness. She provide us with comfort we enjoy, food on which we survive, love that make us alive, then also we think ourselves as a pity creature who doesn’t have this or that ignoring all the wonderful gifts that we are blessed with. The father, with whom we don’t interact much. He fights with the world to fulfill our very necessity, the survival. My parents do these jobs, yours might have something different but it doesn’t make us escape the fact that how much they have done for us.

And I believe that the gravity which exists between the planets, the galaxies bonds every little speck of this beautiful creation called universe and that gravity is love and respect towards each other. And today many of the youngsters break this bond due to some silly reasons and get away from their parents, from their loved ones and just forget the fact that if that gravity not exists in the system we all along with the earth will flew away to that dark matter and mostly be dead.

In our lives, we do the same thing; we grow on and on and on and try to discover new and interesting beings leaving behind some of the wonderful beings who have helped us to lead the foundation of our life and this is for all who loves us, who need us, who care for you, who think about you, whom you count upon. For all of them. We do take them as granted.

Now if you do realize the fact, do not go hysterical. We all do this and just say thank you to all of them who love you, care about you, and need you. And sometimes we may have nothing to give someone what he or she wants than what? Just give him or her, what you have. Spreading good and positivity will one day change our world. I do believe and we all should.

Just take a look inside you. You would feel the real you away from all the other factors. You will realize who you are? And who helped you become the one?  Just never leave them behind and never over depend on them. Just be grateful.  


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Simran Rana

A young aspiring lady , sharing knowledge from different sectors of society, which she observes in her daily life and moulds them in a way to give her viewers a better understanding of the difficult. She is a bio student by profession , continuing her under graduation and looking up to contribute to the society as much as she can.

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