Making an effort, it applies to every sphere of our life. stuck in a bad working position , make an effort though percentage of your success is low, stuck in a personal life situation, make an effort to make it right. in every task you do, you have to make an effort, for growing up, for prospering, you have to make an effort. 

making an effort is important as it gives you immense strength , it shapes up your personality. when you rise up to all the difficulties you are facing , all the hinderances, all the shortcomings  by just making an effort; you get closer to your ultimate aim. 

Now lets talk about making an effort in a relationship. it’s very important. we humans are made up of these relationships, whether it be family or friends. Truely speaking one who wants to be with you in any way and loves you will make an effort and you should too. same as effort making in a career or job get you promoted , making an effort in a relationship can lead to mare happy and healthy relationship. 

thing is we don’t care about anyone except ourselves, just become oblivious to others feelings . making an effort also applies when you hurt someone but you really didn’t intend to. the person did get hurt, so make an effort, confront them, ask them, talk to them. make an effort. this life is short for feuds and misunderstandings . so, make an effort for making out the best of the situations despite of high percentage of failures, despite of  failing terribly. 



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Simran Rana

A young aspiring lady , sharing knowledge from different sectors of society, which she observes in her daily life and moulds them in a way to give her viewers a better understanding of the difficult. She is a bio student by profession , continuing her under graduation and looking up to contribute to the society as much as she can.

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